Be the small non-profit the world needs.

We take the pain out of running your nonprofit with the fundraising and tech support you need to make a difference.

Raise More Funds  |  Get Your Systems in Shape  |  Make a Bigger Impact

Stop losing sleep over running your small nonprofit. 

Since when did changing the world come at the expense of your health and wellbeing? We see it all the time; people working in small nonprofits getting burnt out and losing their passion. 
Never enough money means your anxiety is high and your nights are sleepless.
Ineffective systems means your spending WAY too much time managing menial tasks that can be automated.
Lack of resources leads to high burnout, turnover, and feeling like you're letting everyone down.
The exhaustion never ends and you're losing passion for the work you love the most.

We can alleviate the pain so you can make a bigger difference.

Schedule a call so we can learn about the vision for your nonprofit, and what’s getting in the way. 


We give you expert help every step of the way to get your systems under control and raise the funds you need. 


You finally sleep. Your nonprofit is doing great things in the world, and you don't have to stay up all night worrying about it anymore.


We can get your nonprofit healthy so you can focus on the work you love.

We can handle the tasks you hate so you can focus on the tasks you love
Pricing tailored to small nonprofits
Build your legacy and sustain your organization
Leave the world better than you found it

A better night's sleep is only the beginning:

Tripled Fundraising Revenue

The Good Partnership manages Margaret's fundraising implementation and has tripled their fundraising revenue over 3 years.

Pivoted Tech During the Pandemic

Future Possibilities for Kids was able to quickly adapt their systems to be able to pivot from in-person to online programs with The Good Partnership as their outsourced systems and technology team.

5x Revenue and Hired A Second Staff Member

Animals in Science participated in Flipside Fundraising and, following the program, was able to 5x their annual revenue. They raised enough within the first year to hire a second paid staff member.


We know you want to make a real impact.

In order to do that, every part of your small nonprofit needs to be running smoothly and efficiently. The problem is, you wear so many hats within your organization and may not have expertise in a lot of areas you’re responsible for, which makes you feel burned out, and like you’re losing passion for your mission.


We believe you shouldn't suffer for doing this work. The world needs the work you're doing, and your nonprofit shouldn't be at risk because you don’t have the help you need. We understand that resources are always limited which is why we help nonprofits put technology systems they need to take hours a week off their plate. We’ve helped great nonprofits like yours raise more than $7.7 million and counting. We can get your organization healthy on the back-end so you can focus on the work you love.

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