The Good Partnership just got, er, “gooder”?

We’re delighted to announce that last month, Aine McGlynn joined our team as Chief Operating Officer. Aine’s job will be to make sure that TGP is operating at top speed and to ensure that you, our clients, have everything you need to help you raise more money, more effectively. So let’s get to know your newest Best Fundraising Friend.

Q: Aine! Welcome to TGP! What is the one thing you’d like our clients to know about you?

A: Thanks! I’d like our clients to know that I’m as comfortable thinking about the mechanics of giving (how many clicks it takes to donate, which donors opened that last appeal multiple times) as I am about the big picture strategy stuff. I get excited by working with clients who are interested in learning how data can help drive their fundraising success.But don’t get me wrong though, I wasn’t always interested in details and data. In fact, the other day I was just reading over my elementary school report cards. All my teachers said I had a nice attitude and terrible attention to detail - especially my math teachers. I like to think I’m a walking talking advertisement for how you can be good at/interested in data and not a math genius. I have a doctorate in literature for heaven’s sake!!

Q: What is one thing small nonprofits can do to be successful at fundraising?

A: I think the best answer I can give here is embedded in the question: choose one thing to focus on. There have been a wealth of books written on this theme in the last few years. Whether it’s Power of Habit, Nudge, Thinking Fast and Slow or Beyond Measure, they all share a common theme: focusing on one small change or action can have large transformative effects. When an organization chooses to work on one aspect of their fundraising, that small change can have wide-ranging effects. Plus, trying to change everything all at once can be overwhelming and disrupting. So choose just one area to focus on improving. That could be committing to sending program updates to donors more regularly. It could be choosing to spend one morning per week calling mid-level donors. You may decide to focus on stakeholder feedback. Whatever you choose, give it your all and see it through to the end.

Q: What is the biggest opportunity on the horizon for small nonprofits?

A: Over the next decade, Canadians will experience the biggest intergenerational transfer of wealth in our history. Some 750 billion dollars will be transferred from the aging (75+) population. That means that nonprofits who are working with aging donors to develop their legacy gifts will be well-positioned to take advantage of this demographic trend. The children of those individuals who are now in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are set to be the inheritors of this wealth. That demographic reality is intersecting with online donation trends and that’s something to pay attention to. The fastest growing demographic of online donors are 40+. That means that in the next decade, as that generation - (late Boomers and Gen X’ers) inherits the wealth of the generation that preceded them, they’ll expect to be engaged online.

So two takeaways for small nonprofits - think about helping your older donors establish their legacy with your organization, and think about how you will engage their heirs where they already are - online. If you’re struggling to either (or both) of those things, we can absolutely help!

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