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multicultural philanthropy with Bobby Sahni

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Reaching and engaging the changing demographics in communities is often on organizations’ strategic agenda. But when it comes to developing the actual strategic tactics and implementing them, organizations often face a set of questions: where do we begin? How do we reach new communities authentically and meaningfully? And how long will our strategies start to show results?

On today’s podcast, Bobby Sahni, Partner and Co-Founder of Ethnicity Matters, joins us to answer all your burning questions about engaging diverse and multicultural communities.

Myths that Bobby wants us to leave behind

  1. There are universal strategies for building a D&I program. The make-up of communities are shifting and organizations must pay ongoing attention to shifting trends to build a thoughtful diversity and inclusion practice.

  2. “do immigrant communities give”? According to the recent study that EthnicityMatters conducted with Imagine Canada, across the board, immigrant communities have the willingness to give more but they currently feel like they’re not being spoken to directly by charities.

Bobby’s tips on building a multicultural philanthropy program

  1. Develop a long term strategy and give yourself permission to fail. Don’t try something in the short term and then easily fall back to the good old way of doing things just because one or two strategic tactics do not work out.

  2. Start from the top. Driving diversity, inclusion and belonging is an internal journey and must be led by the leadership level of the organizations in order to have long term, sustainable outcomes.

  3. Know the communities you want to reach and serve. While this may sound so intuitively obvious, do a gut check and be honest with yourself and your organization whether you truly know the communities you want to serve. Go out in the communities to meet people and get to know them. Be curious and open.

My favourite quotes from this episode

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“The only thing we have in common is that we’re different. Let’s be curious and open and talk about all of our differences”

“Building a multicultural philanthropy program is not a one-month, two-month, or one-year, or five-year project. It's constantly evolving and changing. Every organization really needs to first develop a strategic mindset and understand that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.”

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