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We now live in a remote working world, and a world in which most donations are coming in electronically.

With that new reality, the conventional wisdom of “pick up the phone to thank your donors is best” seems to be easier said than done. Most of the time, donors don’t even leave their phone numbers.

So how can we build authentic connection with our donors?

On today’s podcast, I am excited to have Matt Barnet, the founder of Bonjoro, to introduce you to their amazing personalized, one-on-one video messaging service and share with you some really doable tips to spark connection and conversation with your donors, all virtually.

Myths that Matt wants us to leave behind:

  1. A video message to donors has to be polished and perfect. Polished creates a sense of distance, and you want to build connections via your video messages. Don’t worry about how the video looks and make it authentic.

  2. You have to cover everything in a video. The most effective videos are between 30 seconds to 1 minute. Short and sweet works best!

Matt’s tips on connecting with your donors via video messages

  1. Embed the video-making process to be part of your day. Grabbing a coffee and just want to send a hello video to your donors? Great! Your supporters and donors love to get a glimpse of your everyday lives. That’s where the magic of connection happens.

  2. Be strategic with your timing. Based on Matt and his team’s analysis, the open rate and response rate for video messages are the highest if you send the video to a donor between 1-4 hours after a donation is made.

  3. Use video as a tool to engage and start conversations with your supporters. Position your video message as an invitation for further interactions and conversations. A back-and-forth chat with your donor is a sign of true engagement.

My favourite quotes from today’s episode

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“Remember that it's no different than meeting someone in person. The point here is to be authentic. It's not about looking your Sunday best at all.”

“With how the world is going through the whole work from home movement at the moment. we're seeing now a greater need for both empathy and connection. So I think at the moment, if you can be one of the people who reach out and say thank you and ask [your donors] “do you need help in any way”, that’s standing by them.”

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