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young and diverse - the new workforce with Tamara Balan and Bareera Sial

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RE-RELEASE CURATED BY: IMAGINE CANADA Guess what - the next generation of workers are not millennials! We’re so past the conversation of millennials in the workplace and now is the time to think about how you’re hiring and engaging the next generation. This new generation values diversity and inclusion, as well as the ability to have an impact. This is in great alignment with the nonprofit sector, but the reality is that as many as 30% of employers struggle to fill their entry-level roles. Want to build your pipeline of talent in a meaningful and lasting way? Listen to today’s podcast with CivicAction and their HireNext program. For more HR resources, including on topics related to workplace wellness, decent work and equity, visit HR Intervals - an entirely free, bilingual toolkit specifically designed to help nonprofit professionals better understand, address, and guide people management in their organization.