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getting comfortable using video with David Phu

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Video - one of those things that everyone wants to get better at using, but not many know where and how to start. On today’s podcast, co-owner of Nonprofit Video Comms, David Phu, joins our host Cindy Wagman, to exchange insights on how nonprofits can best leverage the power of video.

Myths that David wants us to walk away

  1. Video = social media. There are so many other ways videos can be useful for an organization beyond social media, including internal communication, personal messaging, documentation of work processes, guiding donors through their journey etc.

  2. We need fancy equipment to make videos. You have everything you need. Your phone and your laptop can support you to make compelling videos to reach your specific goals.

David’s tips on using video content in a nonprofit setting

  1. Guide donors through their journey using video content. From compelling donors to make a donation, to providing them instructions on how to make the donation, to thanking them, every touch point can be a short video.

  2. Use videos to connect and establish personal connections. Before you interact with someone face-to-face, a quick and unedited video message is the best way to connect with them. An instant video message is like an upgraded voicemail.

  3. Use videos to communicate work processes and provide training for staff and volunteers. There are many tools available now that allow you to record your screen while you’re working through a problem. What’s a better/quicker way to create an instructional manual than just simply hit record and send that video to your staff or volunteers after?

Favourite Quotes from Today’s Episode

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“Video comes from a time where it was really about entertainment. And it later grew into advertising, maybe training, and publishing this and that. But now with video, it's really about being person to person as much as possible without being there in person.”

“It seems that the first thing that people's minds go to is social media. Video equals social media, which it does. But I think a lot of people are missing all these other opportunities, like personal video messaging, websites, or internal communications videos. There's so much more power right now with video.”

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