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podcast: measure what counts - nonprofit financials with Gordon Holley

Finances can feel like a chore for organizations of any size, but especially small ones.

In the same way you need to brush your teeth and take out the garbage, you need to have your organization’s financials in order. But it’s so much more than that!

In this interview with Gordon Holly, we talk about the upside of having your finances in good order and what that could mean in terms of conversations with funders.

There is so much covered in today’s podcast.

Your finances are like the lifeblood of your organization, so it’s an important investment to make sure you’re managing them well. Gordon tells you exactly how to do that. We cover:

  • The CRA requirements with which most organizations struggle

  • Where to find a treasurer who is a CPA

  • Some financial risks you might not be aware of

  • What financial reports you need to be looking at on a regular basis

  • The financial policies you need to operate efficiently

  • How to structure your finances to have meaningful conversations with funders

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