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podcast: how to craft stories to raise more money with Vanessa Chase Lockshin

Stories are the backbone of good fundraising and critical to small organizations. We often hear how important stories are, but not how to craft good ones. After all, there is a difference!

Vanessa Chase Lockshin, storytelling guru, breaks it all down for you in this podcast, helping you identify where you might be going wrong and walking you through how to craft a compelling story that will raise you more money.

In this episode, we break down exactly:

  • where you might be going wrong in your current storytelling,

  • the most important factors to crafting a good fundraising story,

  • how to articulate impact; and

  • how to understand your audience.

Vanessa gives it to you straight and helps you where you are. Never written a story before? No worries! Need to re-train your storytelling muscles, we've got you covered!

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Archive of storytelling case studies and interviews with a variety of nonprofits.

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