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podcast: succession planning when there is no one to succeed you with Lianne Picot

This week we’re talking about something that many small organizations don’t really think about (enough)… succession planning.

We have seen many organizations struggle after their leader leaves and we’re happy to have Lianne Picot, with over 25 years of experience as a practitioner, executive director and CEO talk about succession planning when there is no obvious person to succeed you. She learned the hard way that all of your blood, sweat and tears can quickly be wiped away when you leave an organization without proper succession planning.

In this episode, listen for:

  • All the reasons why organizations don’t focus on succession planning and why they should

  • What it means to “future proof” your organization and ensure operational consistency

  • Easy ways to improve organizational development in your nonprofit… TODAY!

  • How to build managerial capacity

  • The truth about failure in your organization

You might not think this applies to you, but trust us, succession planning is essential to future proofing your organization and making sure your work has a lasting impact. Lianne shows us that succession planning isn’t necessarily about thinking of successors, but more about organizational development.

Thank you to Lianne Picot for changing the way we approach succession planning in a way that makes sense and is structured for success! We hope you join us in the next episode!

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