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podcast: demystifying planned giving with Paul Nazareth

demystifying planned giving with Paul Nazareth

Planned giving. It can be terrifying and uncomfortable for most small charities. But it doesn't need to be! Join in on the conversation as Paul Nazareth, Vice President of Education & Development at the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and recent VP at the charity CanadaHelps, breaks down planned giving and the actions that your small nonprofit can take.

In this episode, you’re going to learn

  • What are the barriers to planned giving that many organizations face and why we face them

  • How to balance your focus on fundraising for right now and fundraising for the long run

  • The THREE steps your organization can take to prepare your donors for the next level of giving

  • What you can do to secure your small nonprofits’ future

Paul will change the way you think about planned giving in a way that makes sense and more importantly, do-able!

If you want a practical resource, Paul showed us this amazing book called Planned Giving for Canadians. This ebook gets updated annually and is packed with tools like marketing calendars for bequests, tweets to talk about life insurance, and that special one-page bequest template that will give your donors all the information they need to add your organization into their will.

For more information about the spectrum of professional development that Paul mentions, check out these recommendations from CAGP!

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Resources from this Episode

Book: Planned Giving for Canadians

Canadian Association of Gift Planners: CAGP

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