3 ways to get media attention for your small nonprofit

Today's guest blog is by Jennifer Singh, Journalist and Media Coach @shesnewsworthy.

1. Tell a story

Don’t sell yourself short if you run a small nonprofit, it is possible to get media attention if you pitch a story with a human interest element.

A lot of nonprofits make the mistake of sending a pitch to the media that is all about the organization - what they do, their milestones, how much they have raised et cetera. This information is not interesting or unique.

What is interesting is the end result. The media wants to talk to the person at the receiving end of your good work. That’s where the real story is.

The media will pay more attention to a carefully crafted pitch that features a recipient and how their lives were changed by your nonprofit.

2. Connect with the right reporter, producer or media outlet

Pitching to the media takes strategy. It’s not enough to cast a wide net and hope that you get a bite. Do your homework and research the media outlet you are pitching to. Who is their audience. Is it the same as your target demographic?

If you don’t watch, listen or read the media you are pitching to, you are setting yourself up for failure and frankly wasting their time and yours. Nothing gets a pitch deleted faster than sending it to the wrong reporter.

Researching the right outlet is just a matter of doing some searches on twitter, google and the website of the media outlet you are sending your pitch to. The information is all out there, you just need to take the time to look.

3. Include a well-designed media kit with your pitch

A lot of nonprofits fill their pitches with info about their organizations, instead put all that interesting content into a media kit.

The media will skim your kit, so it’s crucial to only include essential information and make it brief.

Include beautiful images, a bio, speaking topics and other media appearances to sell your expertise. Don’t forget to direct the media to your social channels, your website and relevant blog posts.

Check out our hour-long conversation with Jennifer here.

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