the future of philanthropy

As a fundraiser, I'm passionate about philanthropy. I think donations are a great way to make an impact in the world and affect the change that is most important to me.

As a mom of two boys (ages 3 and 6), I think a lot about how to translate those values to my kids. For the past few years, we've done give/receive invites for their birthdays - we ask everyone to make a small contribution. Half of it goes to charity, half goes to buying one large/significant gift for the birthday boy (bonus, also less junk in the house as a result).

Last year my sons also hosted a charitable lemonade stand in support of Holland Bloorview kids rehab hospital. I was one proud mama.

Recently I came across a new company that I'm kinda in love with, so I thought I would share it with you because I think it can help you reach a younger audience with your fundraising (or give parents a tool to teach their children about philanthropy). Please note that I don't receive any benefit/compensation for this and although it is not our usual practice to promote other businesses in this blog, I couldn't help myself!

How can your organization garner the power of kids and youth in fundraising?

Wish and Give ( is a company that can help you unleash the power of kids and youth to help you fundraise. It basically makes the give/receive party idea online in a tool that lets you contribute to ANY registered charity in Canada. Think of it like Evite or Eventbrite meets CanadaHelps.

As described above, some of the money (you or your guests pick how much) goes to the charity of your choosing and the rest covers a gift. It’s a great tool to allow kids and youth to get involved in the philanthropy community through their birthday party or school dance ticket sales.

And it’s not just for kids!

Not only can peer to peer fundraising help youth to channel their passion for a cause, it enables parents of young children to teach their children about giving and gratitude.

How does it work?

Every invitation asks the guest to contribute to a group gift for the birthday child and a donation to a charity of their choice. Or every ticket includes a donation in the ticket price.

Not only is this eco friendly (no paper invitations, no wrapping paper, no driving around looking for the perfect gift) there are no more unwanted gifts, as the birthday kid gets cash towards a group gift! And the parent feels great about seeing their kid shine, their picture is put up on the website as the latest ‘Community Champion’ and parents can brag on their social media!

As a parent, I'm all over this - we'll be using it for every birthday and even some other special occasions. But don't wait for your donors to find it on their own. I have never met a parent who doesn't want to teach their kids about philanthropy. Well, now your organization can promote this to give them an easy way to do so.

Super added benefit - as opposed to other tools that might be similar, there are no monthly membership fees for charities to benefit from a Wish and Give party! All 86,000+ registered charities are already on the site. And any non-profit can be added, just email the founder at There are small fundraising and administration fees, as to be expected.