routines to keep you focused

There is nothing worse that starting your day off on the wrong foot. Especially when there is so much work to do, all pulling you in multiple directions.

Here are some routines to help you start your workday off right and keep it going strong.


Forget a page-long to-do list for the day. That’s crazy-making. Pick 3-5 things you NEED to make progress on or get done for the day and focus on those. Tackle them one at a time in 25 minute chunks, with 5 minute breaks in-between (Google the Pomodoro Method for more details on this). Try create this list the night before so that when you get into the office, you need 3 minutes to review it and then you get to work. Focus on completing one thing before you move to the next.


Full disclosure - I’m not one for mindfulness and meditation. It’s just not me. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t spend a few minutes clearing my head before I get down to work. Take a few minutes to breathe with a cup of coffee or tea.

Maybe if you are like me who doesn't embrace that kind of “woo hoo” stuff, start your day with some thank you calls. Or do them when you just need to step away from something else. Thank you calls are uplifting and productive.


I love walking meetings. Get up and out for a quick break, but make it productive by conducting a meeting at the same time. This keeps you focused, gets your creative juices flowing and breaks up your tasks, allowing you to go back to your desk refreshed.

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