is your cause compelling?

I recently received an email from someone who was struggling with fundraising in her small non-profit. She didn’t feel confident in the organization’s “value proposition” compared to organizations who are “saving lives”.

I hear this all the time.

Organizations (and especially EDs or fundraisers) who struggle with their “case” as compared to other organizations. Maybe your cause doesn’t feel as urgent (or you can’t articulate it that way) or not as critical as today's global events.

So, how do you figure out how to talk about your organization and it’s important work if you’re stuck in this rut?

Go out and talk to donors.

Let your donors tell you about why they support your organization. Go out and meet with 3-5 donors in the next couple of weeks and let them talk to you about what they feel is important about your work and why they support it.

Once you do a few of these (and you should do them on a regular basis), you’ll see trends and hear key words, stories and sentiments that resonate with your donors.

This is the foundation to your “case”. Reflect back to your donors what’s important to them.

To take out all the guess work of these meetings, I've created a FREE donor meeting guide for you. You can download it here:

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