Your fundraising BS

Don’t worry – I’m not swearing at you. I want to talk to you about something very important. Something that can make or break your fundraising success, but no one talks about it.

It's your fundraising Belief System (BS).

Most people, and you're probably among this group, don't want to fundraise. They think it's "icky" or like begging.

You might suck it up and play along. Push those feelings aside and fundraise, because that's what you're supposed to do. Your organization needs it.

But did you know, these underlying beliefs can actually affect your fundraising results?

Okay, before you dismiss this for being "woo hoo" or "wishy washy", I want to introduce you to my friend Hina Khan, President of the Khan Institute.

You see, Hina studies people's belief systems around money and success and gives people the tools to turn their negative thoughts around these things into powerful, positive thoughts that result in, you guessed it, more money!

I'm not one to believe in manifesting this or that, but let me tell you - there's truth to this.

In fact, I see it. Every day.

People who approach fundraising with joy, a mindset of abundance and positivity ARE more successful with their fundraising.

Those who come to the table with a negative mindset don't raise money.

And let's remember, you're not raising money for you (although Hina's work mostly focuses on personal finances), you're raising money for your organization and it's world-changing work.

If ever there was a time to dive into this world of mindset and manifestation, it's today! Your organization needs it. Your clients and community need it.

You need it.

Just image if fundraising could feel good, even great.

Here's how Hina describes it:

We don’t get what we think we want. We get how we feel about what we think we want. Just sit on that for a minute. Hina and I want you to love fundraising. This will help you feel better about fundraising AND be more successful at it. The two go hand-in-hand. Join us for a FREE Masterclass on “The Inner Game of Fundraising” on May 25, at 12pm EST to uncover all of Hina’s tricks and tools to help change your fundraising BS.