fundraising can be fun!

I’m so excited to share with you that registration is now OPEN for what the fundraising!, my online program to turn even the most reluctant fundraisers into confident and enthusiastic fundraisers.

In what the fundraising!, I take you and everyone in your organization on a journey to change how you fundraise forever. Transform your small nonprofit into a fundraising powerhouse and fund the change you want to lead in the world.

I hear so many reasons why people don’t want to fundraise.

But I love fundraising and I want you to love it too. I created what the fundraising! to enable you to have fun funding your mission.

I’ve had incredible feedback on this program and wanted to share with you what my students are saying, because I want you to get the same results, not just in terms of money raised, but in how you feel about fundraising.

Hannah McGechie is the Executive Director of Ten Oaks Project and through what the fundraising! Hannah and her board transformed the culture of their organization and raised $4,000 in new money within the 100 days of the course.

Here is how Hannah describes the transformation:

“For the first time our organization is actually excited about fundraising. People were terrified before, but what the fundraising! gave us the tools to overcome our fears and to focus on action that would lead to results. The $4,000 we raised during the course is just a first step for us.”

“We are on a roll and excited about what’s next. Yes, excited. About fundraising. Never could I have imagined my entire board stepping up in this way. They are truly ambassadors for our organization now and have been opening doors and tapping into their networks. And they’re happy doing it.”

The best part about all of this?

The Ten Oaks Project engages and connects children and youth from LGBTQ+ communities through program and activities rooted in play. That $4,000 helps sends kids to camp, build a sense of belonging and provide a safe space.

That’s why I created what the fundraising! to empower you to do your incredible, life-changing, world-changing work.

I hope you will join me for what the fundraising! I’m so proud of the success of my students and so inspired by the work they do. Thank you for letting me fuel your incredible work!