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What if you could raise more money so you could have a bigger impact in the world?
What if fundraising felt empowering instead of icky?
What if you already have everything you need to start raising more money for your important work?

Everyone keeps telling you you need a fundraising strategy - but no one really tells you HOW to do it.

This is super frustrating and when you’re already feeling overwhelmed, it’s just one more thing on your never-ending to-do list.


I remember staring at a blank screen trying to write my first fundraising strategy. 


I would look for inspiration from all the big organizations, but didn’t understand how to translate that to my small nonprofit.


There are just so many options - how could I figure out what was right for me?


The blank screen turned into overwhelm and I just didn’t do it. That’s right. I just kept going with my fundraising without strategic direction. 

Fast forward a few years and with more experience and confidence...

I was able to create a fundraising strategy that resulted in double digit fundraising growth, year-after-year.

I realized the fundraising strategy brought clarity and focus - which was the backbone to our success. 


Better yet, writing one was actually really simple.


While I can’t promise you a magic bullet, I can promise you a simple to use and easy to follow Fundraising Strategy Guide to help you get focus and clarity.


The best part - it’s my gift to you. That’s right - free.


I want to see you be successful with your small nonprofit. I want you to know that you CAN do it without the burnout.


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