Fundraising Lies

7 Things You Should Stop Believing So You Can Start Making an Impact (with your small nonprofit)


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What if you could raise more money so you could have a bigger impact in the world?
What if fundraising felt empowering instead of icky?
What if you already have everything you need to start raising more money for your important work?

Small nonprofits are held back by some pretty pervasive lies that we are taught to believe.

But not anymore. Inside this free e-book, I will walk you through the lies that overwhelm our sector and keep you from fundraising success.


The world needs your small nonprofit - don’t let these 7 lies stand in your way!

In my experience with small nonprofits (working with hundreds of them), I know that your work is often thankless. It’s usually undervalued. And it’s hard!


Yet, day-in and day-out you show up. You do the incredible work to help make the world a little (or a lot) better.


Because your work is so important, you need to do one of the hardest things for small organizations - raise more money!


Hard is an understatement, right?


Fundraising can feel exhausting. You wear so many hats that it’s hard to even find time to fundraise. When you do have the time, it can feel like you’re spinning your wheels.


Ready to say goodbye to misconceptions that are simply not true for small organizations?


Let’s dive into these lies and help you replace them with some fundamental truths that will actually help you raise more money in a way that feels good. 

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