We manage your fundraising  |  Your organization raises more money  |  You focus on changing the world

Raise more money with less stress

Let us take the worry of fundraising off your shoulders by running your fundraising program for you.

Don’t risk the future of your organization by investing in the wrong fundraising solutions.

Small nonprofits need to fundraise to meet their missions, but often they don’t know how to meaningfully invest. Too often we see:
High staff turnover (especially when hiring a “first” fundraiser).
Lack of fundraising consistency means lost opportunities and slow growth.
Spending tons of money on a strategy but not having anyone to implement it
Constant struggle with fundraising leading to high stress and sleepless nights.

That's where we come in...

When you partner with us, you get a team that has a finger on the pulse in your sector. Enlisting our help is much simpler and costs less than hiring an in house fundraiser. From Strategy to Sealing envelopes - we do it all. Also known as “interim fundraising” or “outsourced fundraising”, we take ownership and responsibility for getting your fundraising done. Let’s get the weight off your shoulders and get more money for your non-profit.

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We lift that burden of constant stress and worry about raising more money. Just imagine how much better you’ll be able to sleep!

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Hiring in-house comes with a lot of risk and not much reward. Just imagine getting better fundraising results without hiring staff, proving space for them, and managing their day-to-day activities. Forget staff turnover or only hiring someone “your budget can afford”. We provide the best in small-shop fundraising at a budget you can afford, taking away your risk.

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We don’t work with just any organization. We have clear values and make sure that we align with our clients. Your mission always comes first.

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your relationships

We respect the work you’ve already put into building your relationships and they will always stay with your organization. When we act on your behalf, we’re representing your organization.

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results driven

We balance short-term priorities with building the long-term sustainability of your fundraising program. While we help you raise money today, we do so with the future in mind. We want to leave your organization stronger than when we started.


It's as simple as:

Book your free consult - If you're ready to raise more money without the stress, book a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about our process and how we can help.


We do the heavy lifting - Now that you don't have to figure this thing out the hard way, you can focus your fundraising energy to raise more money with less stress


Sleep - Your nonprofit is doing great things in the world, and you don't have to stay up all night worrying about it anymore.


Our clients are seeing consistent growth without the stress:

We know small nonprofits.

We understand your reality. We know you are overworked and have limited resources. We will always meet you where you are. Done-for-you fundraising starts at just $4,000/month, or the approximate cost of hiring a junior fundraiser. We can also do one-off projects to help you meet your fundraising goals, like direct appeals, grant writing, etc. Contact us for specific pricing. We are based in downtown Toronto, but work with organizations across Canada.