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you don’t have the time to fundraise, let alone manage someone else to do it!

that's where we come in...

Instead of hiring a junior fundraiser that takes just as much time to manage as doing it yourself, you can hire The Good Partnership to bring experience, expertise, and efficiency to manage the day-to-day fundraising for your small nonprofit.


We act as your in-house fundraiser! Also known as “interim fundraising” our “outsourced fundraising” we take ownership and responsibility for getting your fundraising done. It actually sounds more complicated than it is. You don’t have to worry about fundraising, because we’ll do it for you. It’s that simple.

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We meet to keep things moving along, but otherwise, we will lift that burden of constant stress and worry about raising more money. Just imagine how much better you’ll be able to sleep!


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Hiring in-house comes with a lot of risk and not much reward. Just imagine getting better fundraising results without hiring staff, proving space for them, and managing their day-to-day activities. Forget staff turnover or only hiring someone “your budget can afford”. We provide the best in small-shop fundraising at a budget you can afford, taking away your risk.


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We don’t work with just any organization. We have clear values and make sure that we align with our clients. Your mission always comes first.


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We respect the work you’ve already put into building your relationships and they will always stay with your organization. When we act on your behalf, we’re representing your organization.

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We balance short-term priorities with building the long-term sustainability of your fundraising program. While we help you raise money today, we do so with the future in mind. We want to leave your organization stronger than when we started.

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this is what our clients are saying:

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Done-for-you fundraising starts at just $4,000/month, or the approximate cost of hiring a junior fundraiser. We can also do one-off projects to help you meet your fundraising goals, like direct appeals, grant writing, etc. Contact us for specific pricing. We are based in downtown Toronto, but work with organizations across Canada.


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The Good Partnership, 401 Richmond St West, suite 353, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

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