Turning your non-fundraising board into fundraising superstars.

Your board may not be a "fundraising board" but that doesn't mean they can't meaningfully contribute to your fundraising success. This training is specifically for "reluctant fundraisers", those who either don't like fundraising or who need a little boost to their fundraising confidence. 

Overcoming mindset and building your story

Have you ever told yourself you’re going to do something (like go for that run in the morning) but never do it? Well, fundraising is the same. It doesn’t matter how much we tell ourselves we will help with fundraising, we will never do it if we feel nervous, uncomfortable, or even icky. 
Help non-fundraisers identify their fundraising mindset so they can move forward with confidence
Identify meaningful ways for your board to contribute to your fundraising success without asking for money
Equip all members with the story-telling skills to get others excited about your work.

It's as simple as:

Book a free consult - If you're ready to mobilize your board, book a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about our process and how we can help.


3-hour virtual training - We'll deliver a 3-hour training (or two 1.5 hour trainings) to help your board feel confident and comfortable fundraising.


Implement - Just let them lose and see how your board can turn into one of your biggest fundraising assets.


We know small nonprofits.

We understand your reality. We know you are overworked and have limited resources. We will always meet you where you are. Starting at just $3,000, our board training is unlike any other board training you've experienced. Our training is specifically designed for non-fundraising boards and those who are reluctant to fundraise. We are based in downtown Toronto, but work with organizations across Canada.